Design-Build is a type of project delivery that puts the contractors and designers on the same team. The advantage to this practice is that it keeps the designers from designing something that is not build-able and too expensive from the start. Another benefit to this practice is that it gets the contractor involved early so they understand the design at the beginning of the project. Both the contractor and designer are acting as checks and balances for one another while the budget and final design are developed. This team approach provides you with highly customized assets and services that match your specific needs. This single-source system is geared towards your individual project requirements and goals.

We provide the following Design-Build services:

  • Land Survey Assessment
  • Geotechnical Assessment
  • Building Program Assessment
  • New Building Design
  • Existing Facilities
  • ADA/Code Assessment
  • Site Analysis and Assessment
  • Site Improvement Design
  • New Building Construction Document Development
  • Site Improvements Construction Document Development
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • RFI Response
  • Construction Administration
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Building Systems Start-Up and Turnover
  • Owner Satisfaction Review
  • Construction Change Document
  • Substantial Completion Review

Sustainability is an important issue for us at Course Contracting. We educate our team on the importance of recycling, proper green cleaning procedures, and bulk shipping materials. A green project, from conception to execution, is our goal. Our proactive management team understands and accepts their responsibility of implementing a program of Sustainability on every project. We have experienced LEED Accredited Professions on hand to assist our clients with GBCI registration, and guide them in obtaining USGBC Certifications of numerous levels for their projects depending on their individual needs. Utilizing regional materials, applying green construction practices, and exercising efficient HVAC equipment are just some examples of Course Contracting’s methods of ensuring a Sustainable project.


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